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Defend your space station from invaders by deflecting them away in a zero gravity environment in this mashup of Space Invaders and Arkanoid. The game features permadeath. Once invaders make it past the ground defenses it's game over. 


You pilot a cargo handling robot above the loading dock of the space station New Nebraska. Dropships will descend from the invader mothership. Pilot the cargo robot to deflect the dropships and prevent them from landing on the space station. 

Deflecting Invaders

If a dropship makes it through to the surface of the space station its passengers will unload and attempt to invade your space station. Your ground defenses will deal with the invaders from there, but if too many dropships land at once your ground forces may take casualties and be overrun. When invader dropships explode they release resources in the form of equipment, fuel, or munitions.

Equipment Fuel Munitions

Collect these resources with the cargo robot to build upgrades or outfit additional ground defenders. 

Early Access

Content for the first third of the game is playable all the way through the first boss battle.

  • 11 levels
  • 1 boss battle
  • sci-fi soundtrack
  • classic video game themes

Feedback is particularly welcome regarding what aspects are fun, what aspects are not fun, and if particular levels are too easy or too difficult.

Hand crafted by Northern Cipher using Unity.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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